Old things

Flapper’s are pretty cool. I’d style my hair like a flapper if I could pull off the short hair thing. It probably would’ve been fun to live during the 1920s.

And I really love my photo editing on my computer, so I can pretend to be.

This all started because I found some really awesome photos while looking around my house last night. They’re roughly from the 70s (and possibly earlier). Family members must have taken them and for some reason or another got to my dad. I was showing my mom ones that I thought were really cool for their imperfections, and one of them was of a couple’s wedding reception. Both the bride and the groom had their heads cut off by the photographer, and I liked that it gave the picture anonymity, because you couldn’t see who the bride and groom were. The conversation went along the lines of this:

Me: Isn’t this a cool picture?

Mom: Their heads are cut off.

Me: I know, but it’s cool. You can’t tell who they are; they could be anyone.

Mom: Why did someone keep this?

Pretty much any picture that I thought was aesthetically pleasing because of its imperfections had a conversation like this. But we had a lot of fun looking at old photographs, in the time before I was born. I love things like this.