been a loooonnnnnggggg time….O.o / some art and a poem! :D

Inspired from a poem on the underground!


"Wonder"If a boy must wonder

If a boy must wonder,

let him recall

not the lightning grace of falcons

the dizzing aeronautics, Darwin’s finch,

the voyage of the ancients

who saw farther, whose charts and sails

and bubbly telescope minds

brought ashore hope

to lift

a charioting god to the moon,

but how

even a rogue dream of stars

once birthed the possibility of flight.

~Leon Yuchin Lau


I really really loved this poem. The poems on the underground aren’t always the greatest, but some really stick out and are beautiful.

Copyright obviously goes to the poet, minus the art. That’s mine 🙂


I can count on my hands!

Only 10 more days till London! It’s so weird. Been doing last minute summer things… staying out too late, hanging out with friends, enjoying the weather… I just want to leave. Especially now that everyone’s actually going back to school.

Excited and nervous! I can’t wait to work on my photo blog for IES 😀

Well, why not?

Basically, a bit bored. Why not start a blog!? I think it will be fun to have when I go to England. Keep track of…something, I guess. I’m not sure anyone will read/be interested in this, but I think it will be nice to have a medium to put my thoughts.

So, yup. Going to England for fall semester. Pretty excited and nervous :P. I’m getting my forms all finished up and I have to buy a ticket pretty soon. I may or may not be procrastinating slightly. I’m just indecisive and unmotivated right now.

With work, I feel like I don’t have time to do anything at all. I’m stressed all the time, so I guess the reason that I don’t want to really get on with the study abroad stuff is because it would be more stress. Bah. I’ll figure things out.

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