Whenever I do art stuff, I like to imagine that I’m someone famous in the past / future. I was glazing the inside of my tea bowls the other day, and I just felt connected to those old tea masters in Japan that would take care of all the tea stuff. It was a weird experience. That’s why I’m such a nerd, haha.

I finished my unstretched canvas painting the other day too. It ended up looking like a galaxy halfway through, so I started using that as inspiration. I love how it turned out. Hopefully it’ll still look awesome when it’s dry and I come back on monday.

I wish I could just do things like this instead of worrying about my dumb senior seminar next semester. The art department hasn’t messed up my schedule yet! I wish I wasn’t so far away from school so I could come in and throw some bowls and stuff. Before I left I threw a really nice cylinder combo that will look like a grecian amphora when it’s connected, but I can’t decide if I want to go to school and connect it or not. Gas is expensive, and it’s 45 minutes away. That’s roughly four hours, and I’m feeling really lazy. I’d much rather laze about and play FFX. And maybe finally beat it. (Although it would be a lot easier if my PS2 wasn’t on the fritz…)


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