I’ve been obsessing over a kind of old t.v. show that I used to watch in middle school/high school. Now that I’m at the end of the series again, I’m remembering how sad I was that it ended! I’m living that depressing, I-wish-it-wasn’t-ending-why-did-they-stop-it?!?! feeling.

I suppose that I should actually mention the show at this point, before I’m swept up by the hurricane of nostalgia. And typhoon of wishing. Or something as equally dramatic. I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. Right. Show.

It’s ‘Charmed’. And it’s chock full of all the things I want right now/have always wanted. Sisters. Magic. Love. Haha.

Sorry that basically anything below here will be a spoiler. Not that I expect anyone to suddenly have a desire to watch it or anything.

I’ve always wanted sisters. That’s why I’m super jealous of the relationships of Prue/Piper/Phoebe and later Piper/Phoebe/Paige. And it’s especially awesome that they’re women who kick-ass. I think I have what’s defined as a “girl crush”. I think you can admire people, and it’s perfectly fine.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how they all find love at the end, and I guess I’m also in that depressed mood of: where’s my CoopHenryLeo?? Augh. But! Their waiting eventually ended with good relationships (and yes, I know they’re not real, but I hope everyone gets my point). So my mopinghopingwondering leaves me with the thought that eventually it will happen for me too! Ideally. Or a demon could kill me. Good thing they’re (hopefully) not real. But you kind of wonder sometimes….


I love their hair. They look super happy too haha. I’m sure this image is copyrighted or something…no infringement intended!

But yeah. I guess they inspire me. Work hard, live well, and you’ll get good things in your life.

I love how I’m taking life lessons from a t.v. show. Hey, sometimes you just relate more to fictional characters than real people, ya know?


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